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  • Winning Grants & Tenders Webinar
    20 December 2018

    Why is it that some ideas seem to attract funding sooner than others? And why do some organisations seem to win tenders easily?

    Do you want to learn how to communicate the potential value of your innovative ideas to grant and tender assessors?

    Find out from Brian Ruddle, founder and managing director of Impact Innovation Group, what turns an idea into an investible project, and how you can win over major customers. Drawing on his extensive experience as both a bid winner and a panel assessor, Brian’s brief presentation and open Q&A session will help you better understand what goes into a winning proposal and how you can boost your venture’s success rate.

    Winning Grants & Tenders Webinar
    20 December 2018

  • Trademark & IP Strategy Webinar
    17 January 2019

    Branding and trade marks can become an organisation’s most valuable asset. Yet many small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) fail to appreciate the full benefit of trade mark registration and its value in brand protection.

    According to Forbes, the trade marks “Google”, “Microsoft” and “Walmart” are valued in the realm of tens of billions of dollars each.  The nuances of the trade mark registration process can result in SMEs spending money on registrations which provide inappropriate or inadequate protection – or worse – are invalid.

    In this interactive webinar, Dr Andrew Clarke and Dr Katherine Rock, co-founders of Innofy, will provide a brief overview of the trade mark registration process, including five common practice pitfalls and how to avoid them. 

    Trademark & IP Strategy Webinar
    17 January 2019




Impact Innovation Lab events are held on the first and third Thursday of each month. Look out for invitations to future events arriving in your inbox. You can download the 2019 6-Month Draft Schedule of Events here.

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