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Starting up your startup business

Starting up your startup business

Posted 1 year ago

What we do best is help innovators turn clever ideas into commercial enterprises.

For example, we help startup founders get their innovative product, service, or process ready for the market so the value is optimised for investors and end users as well as the founders.

Business modelling and business model renovation, tech scouting, R&D collaborations…they’re just some of the services we do offer.

But when you’re setting up any business – around a new technology or not – there’s a whole range of factors you need to look at that we don’t cover, like choosing and registering the right business structure. And recruiting people to help you build the business. Or researching the kind of permits and licences you’ll need to operate.

The Australian Government has just upgraded its guide for starting a new business. Check out the new site to make sure you have a strong foundation for when your startup idea is ready to scale into a bigger enterprise.

Also, find out more about what we do for startups here.