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Female Founders Impact Events and Webinars

As part of the Advance Queensland initiative, we’ll be hosting events and webinars aimed at highlighting successful Female Founders and providing them with a platform to share their journey, challenges and engage with like-minded individuals!

Our goal is to create opportunities for founders, individuals and communities to have engaging conversations, create real connections and inspire women and girls to achieve everyday innovation – whether that be through discovering sustainable new business ventures, commercialising exciting technological prototypes or exporting novel new products.

If you are unable to get to an event in person, grab a coffee and get comfy with our webinar series or check out our event wrapups and webinar recordings. Alternatively, there’s also our Learning Links page where we share Female Founder profiles, community news, and resources FREE for you to share or use.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

  • Female Founders BoostHer Webinar: Pirate Metrics to uncover hidden treasure within your business

    Knowing where to focus your marketing efforts and what parts to measure, is a constant founder’s dilemma.

    In this webinar, Gerard Doyle from Fractal will discuss the ‘Pirate Metrics’ framework and deep dive into each stage with strategies, examples and tips.

    Gerard is a three-time business founder with 20 years of marketing experience in helping businesses navigate through rapidly evolving marketplaces that are always under the threat of disruption. Gerard’s career is a blend of agency and startups, which he uses to provide a unique and innovative approach to his marketing strategies. After spending ten years in London, Gerard has vast international experience working with some of the biggest global brands, including HP, GM, Microsoft, Coca Cola and Burberry.

    Join Kellie Dyer and Gerard Doyle as we discuss why you should consider adopting pirate metrics within your business. AARRR!

  • Female Founders PropelHer Virtual Workshop: Leveraging data to improve business outcomes

    Do you have a plan on how to create value for your business using existing data and information?

    The value of data lies in its ability to help you achieve your strategic goals. Organisations are increasingly realising improved revenue, reduced costs, more customer engagement, higher employee satisfaction and reduced risk within their business by using their information and data more effectively. This workshop will focus on:

    ⮚ Reviewing your data assets to unlock hidden potential
    ⮚ How to develop realistic aspirations about how data can help you achieve your strategic goals
    ⮚ Steps for implementing data analytics in your business
    ⮚ How to promote a data-led culture within your business that will lead to more informed decisions

    Join us to hear how you can leverage your data and the information you capture to make strategic data-driven decisions.

  • Female Founders BoostHer Webinar: Mastering Your Money Management to Maximise your Business

    This practical and informative webinar will give participants the opportunity to explore their own financial health and provides simple strategies for them to take away and immediately implement to enhance their financial situation so they are able to focus on growing and building a profitable business.

    ✓ Would you like to be confident about your financial situation?
    ✓ Would you like to gain clarity about your money and take simple steps to create financial security?
    ✓ Are you ready to get real about your money?

    Join Kellie Dyer and Melissa Meaghan on August 20th to improve your budgeting and money management skills so you can unlock future opportunities.

Past Events and Webinars

  • Female Founders Far North QLD Workshop: Legal Contracts and Intellectual Property

    Are you in need of Contract Law or Intellectual Property assistance for your business or new venture?

    This workshop is designed to help you build confidence around legal terminology, particularly Intellectual Property (IP) & contractual obligations so you can better protect your commercial interests, assist in contract development & avoid disputes.

    Join senior commercialisation and innovation expert, Kellie Dyer and founder of Eaglegate Lawyers, Nicole Murdoch, as we discuss common legal contracts and IP scenarios women face when starting or running a business.

  • Celebrating 1st year of the Female Founders Impact Program

    We are connecting with some of the incredibly talented women from the Female Founders Impact program community to discover what they have achieved in the past 12 months and what their plans are for the future.

    Watch our event on Facebook Live here or email us to receive a copy of the recording

  • April 28th, 2020 Virtual Workshop: Business in Uncertain Times

    In uncertain times, and with increased isolation, many businesses are thinking about what they could be doing to keep their businesses relevant and operational.


    In this workshop, we discussed tools, concepts and thinking designed to assist businesses during uncertain times.

    Time: 10am – 12pm (noon) AEST

  • April 30th, 2020 BoostHer Webinar: Legals and Intellectual Property

    Legal and Intellectual Property are important elements at all stages of your business journey. Protecting your ideas and intellectual assets, and ensuring your legal structure will support your business growth, can underpin success or become your biggest roadblocks.

    Listen to the webinar recording of our discussion with Mark Metzeling, Special Counsel at MacPherson Kelley, on all things Intellectual Property and Legal.

  • May 5th, 2020 Virtual Workshop: Business in Uncertain Times

    The current business environment is changing at a dynamic pace. In this workshop, we discussed tools, concepts designed to assist businesses during uncertain times.

    This workshop was designed to assist businesses based in Central Qld cope with changes they may be experiencing due to COVID-19.

  • Female Founders Virtual Workshop - Show me the Data

    Have you missed out on a grant, tender or investment opportunity because you couldn’t identify critical data?

    This discovery workshop discussed regulatory considerations and develop practical methods for Mackay-Based businesses to use their data to reinvent their business proposition and communicate your business value.

  • Female Founders Virtual Workshop: Business in Uncertain Times

    The current business environment is changing at a dynamic pace. Join us to discover, or re-visit, tools, concepts and thinking designed to assist you with your business in this uncertain time.

    This workshop was designed to assist businesses based in South East Qld cope with changes they may be experiencing due to COVID-19.

  • Female Founders Toowoomba workshop: Rapid Protyping and MVP

    Ever wondered if you should build a Prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your business?

    This hands-on workshop explored Innovation theory and the differences between a Prototype and an MVP. We then spent time actively exploring ways to develop both Prototypes and MVP’s using everyday household/office items.

  • Female Founders HerStory

    Female Founders HerStory event celebrating International Women's Day

    On Friday 6th March 2020, the Female Founders Impact program was pleased to lend its support to International Women’s Day theme #EachforEqual and feature a panel of high-profile guest speakers including successful Queensland Female Founders and notable female community leaders.

    We were proud to support, highlight and discuss how founders can foster equality throughout their workplace and were delighted to live stream our event to other Queensland towns.

    Watch the video here

  • Female Founders webinar: Getting Investment Ready

    There has been a significant increase in female focussed incubators, accelerator programs and venture capital funds which are creating greater investment opportunities for women.

    While this is greatly appreciated and strongly supported, the need to increase access to early-stage investment for female business founders has been identified as one of the critical support structures needed to increase the proportion of female entrepreneurs in Australia.

    Check out the webinar recording of our discussion with Female Founders – Rebecca Wilson from Starts at 60 & Karen Cantwell from iStaySafe and Queensland Investors Bryce Greig & Monica Bradley as we discuss what founders can do to be investment ready.

  • Connecting Female Founders on Women's Entrepreneurship Day - November 2019

    Are you a female entrepreneur looking to connect, collaborate and celebrate with like-minded women?

    There’s never been a more important time to come together and support the women who create good jobs that power our economy.

    So grab a coffee and find out where you can connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs and #ChooseWomen thanks to our special guests, Theme Rains of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and Samantha Meurant of The Rural Compass.

  • Female Founders Propel Her event in the Sunshine Coast - October 2019

    Join us and special guests Sandra Gosling, Coyo and Susanne Bransgrove,  where we will be discovering their motivations to found successful businesses and discuss the unique challenges they face managing multi-generational, family empires.

    Female Founders Program Lead and your host, Kellie Dyer from Impact Innovation Group, will also be at the event to answer any questions you have about the incredible Female Founders program. To find out more about the event and register, please visit our Eventbrite page or email us at

  • Female Founders BoostHer September Webinar

    There are a lot of buzzwords flying around today when businesses talk about digital transformation. Global research shows that as much as 96% of organisational budget in 2018 was spent on tech solutions specifically related to customer engagement. Redefining the way we approach customer engagement and digital marketing, it’s important for business leaders to understand these terms, their specific applications in a customer-experience context and deliver solutions that fulfil expectations.

    So grab a coffee and listen to these extraordinary Queensland female founders who will share their insights and experience in digital customer engagement and what it’s like to run highly successful Queensland businesses. 

  • Female Founder Propel Her event in Townsville - August 2019

    Leanne has been pushing the boundaries with Everledger using blockchain to build a universal verification system that enables the tracking and protection of high-value assets such as diamonds, fine art and wine.

    Check out our wrap-up of this event and join the discussion on what it is like to start a global technology enterprise, scale it and thrive!

  • Female Founder Propel Her event in Cairns - July 2019

    Anna Guenther is the co-founder and ‘Chief Bubble Blower’ of PledgeMe, New Zealand’s first crowdfunding platform. Anna has also worked for the New Zealand Government, MIT and Harvard, and completed her Masters in Entrepreneurship with a focus on crowdfunding. She moved to Australia as part of the HotDesQ programme, which coincided with changes in the legislation coming into effect allowing equity crowdfunding.

    Check out the wrap-up of our informative discussion on equity crowdfunding as she shares insights and advice for entrepreneurs looking to raise investment funds from family, friends and fans!

  • Female Founders Boost Her Webinar - June 2019

    The Queensland Female Founders Impact Program was launched on June 24th, 2019 with a BoostHer webinar that introduced the ways you can access the expertise and opportunities of the latest Advance Queensland initiative.

    So grab a coffee and listen to the extraordinary Queensland female founders who have contributed to the program’s development, including Yasmin Grigaliunas (fresh off the plane from introducing her business, World’s Biggest Garage Sale to the World Circular Economy Conference in Finland).