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The Impact Innovation Group

There’s more you can access via the Impact Innovation Group.

  • Impact Innovation Lab

    Impact Innovation Lab is an initiative of Impact Innovation Group in collaboration with the International Workspace Group to foster business growth across the Asia Pacific region.We connect with entrepreneurs co-working and hot-desking at 3000+ Regus business centres around the world.

  • Impact Plus

    For complementary service providers like accountants, lawyers and IT consultants, Impact Plus enables a multi-dimensional, coordinated approach to innovation-driven differentiation and accelerated growth strategies.

  • Brightidea

    We’re the premier Australasian partner for one of the world’s most popular crowdsourcing platforms and software tools for managing innovation.

  • Innovate Queensland

    Innovate Queensland’s capacity building workshops, webinars, mentoring and collaboration activities support your efforts to translate clever ideas into commercial outcomes for a strong, innovation-driven economy.

  • Innovation Bites

    Snack-sized podcasts and webinars for busy executives to keep you up-to-date on best practices in innovation development.

  • Springwise

    Tap into the biggest global source for innovation intelligence with our discount code: aus10.