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Innovation System Action Plan

The Innovation System Action Plan™ solves the problem of:

Can our Innovation System respond to the changes in the business environment?


What are the three things that will dramatically improve the effectiveness of our innovation system?

It helps you

  • Clearly demonstrate the strengths of your innovation system
  • Identify key activities that will increase your Return-On-Innovation-Investment (ROII)
  • Achieve better outcomes with fewer wasted resources

The Innovation System Action Plan™ measures the strengths and weaknesses of your innovation system, then uses that data to develop a customised action plan. The plan identifies activities that will have the greatest impact, minimising wasted time and resources and securing improved outcomes.

The process reduces the complexity in managing an innovation system, focusing on sprints to maximise measurable results.

When your organisation has an efficient innovation system, results are repeatable. Outcomes are measurable and expenditure is clearly justified.

It’s easier for you to do great work.



Your system should support you.

Impact Innovation works with private and public companies to build and support powerful innovation strategies and processes that deliver results.

We work with you to review and evaluate your innovation system, craft an efficient innovation action plan and provide tools that make it easy for you to demonstrate the effectiveness of innovation in your business.

Unlock the value in your innovation system, deliver demonstrable results and scale your success.

Contact us and find out how the Innovation System Action Plan can help you!