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  Viability and Impact

  Building Productive Industry Relationships

Commercialisation Bootcamp

Learn how to turn research or new ideas into outcomes.

Upskill your team with comprehensive, outcomes-focused commercialisation training, providing a thorough understanding of the theories and process of commercialisation.

This workshop is designed for researchers and professionals who want to develop and refine their commercialisation knowledge and skills and apply best-practice standards and frameworks of commercialisation.


At the conclusion of the Commercialisation Bootcamp training, participants will have gained:

  • Thorough knowledge of the commercialisation process.
  • Ability to identify opportunities and negotiate appropriate paths to market.
  • A deeper understanding of how various factors can influence the success of different commercialisation pathways.
  • A toolkit of checklists, templates, and resources to help guide the success of future commercialisation projects.

Please note this training can also be delivered in person (additional travel costs will apply).


Course Details

Duration: 8 hours, delivered online in a series of four, 2 hour modules.
Who should attend: Researchers, academics and those involved in commercialising new products or technology.
Learning level: Introductory.

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Communicating Commercialisation

Course Details

Duration: 2 hours, delivered online
Who should attend: Researchers and business development professionals from research or academia.
Learning level: Intermediate.

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Communicating Commercial Potential

Solve problems by selling solutions.

Effectively communicating the value of research to industry is critical for successful commercialisation.

This workshop shows participants how to understand (and solve) industry problems, clearly define the value for early adopters, and address the barriers to adoption.


Designed for researchers and business development professionals from research or academia, this 2-hour masterclass will cover:

  • Understanding the customer – what does industry look for?
  • Methods for differentiating and articulating the value of your research to attract the right industry partners.
  • How to overcome the barriers to adoption


Viability and Impact – Commercialisation Masterclass

Learn how to turn research into genuine impact.

Understand how to ensure new product or service concepts are commercially viable and determine the commercial potential of a research project. Walk the value chain and investigate the various opportunities to create impact from your research.


For researchers and commercialisation professionals ready to expand their knowledge, this 2-hour masterclass will cover:

  • How to measure and articulate your project’s commercial viability or technology readiness level (Commercialisation Readiness Assessment)
  • Cost-benefit and market analysis
  • Value-stream mapping
  • Explore the potential impact of your research – both good and bad
  • Challenge traditional paths to market by exploring the entire value chain.


Commercialisation Impact

Course Details

Duration: 2 hours, delivered online
Who should attend: Researchers and business development professionals from research or academia.
Learning level: Advanced.

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Commercialisation partnerships

Course Details

Duration: 2 hours, delivered online.
Who should attend: Researchers and research team leaders.
Learning level: Advanced.

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Building Productive Industry Relationships – Commercialisation Masterclass

Unlock the potential of your industry partnerships.

Learn how to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with industry partners, improving the likelihood of repeat projects and ongoing funding.

Understand strategic industry objectives and how you can align your areas of expertise to their gaps in internal capability.


Designed for researchers and research team leaders who need to engage with industry, this 2-hour masterclass will cover:

  • Reporting – what industry want to know, and when
  • Ways to keep industry partners engaged and involved
  • A practical template for relationship management

We can customise training packages to suit your needs.

Learning Methodology

Our commercialisation training is highly engaging and interactive, contextualized through case studies and scenarios, and designed with practical application in mind.

We use the cognitive learning framework to ensure skills and knowledge are transferred in a highly effective manner. This active style of learning makes it easier for participants to connect new information with existing ideas, deepening memory and retention and building innovative capacity.

Wherever possible, we customise training to include case studies and examples relevant to your specific industry.


Learning methodology