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Impact Innovation Group Newsletter November 2020

Posted 4 years ago

November 2020 Newsletter.

Innovation news, research, opportunities, and insights from Impact Innovation Group.



Diamonds from thin air! Aether, a NYC-based startup, is using pioneering carbon-capture technology to pull C02 from the atmosphere, refine it and then turn it into a diamond over the course of a few weeks.  Read More

What will the future of public transport look like? Here are five innovations that could shape the future of rail travel. 
Read More

An Australian company is using fermentation to produce dairy-free cheese that contains the same compounds as dairy cheese – and tastes like dairy cheese too. Vegans rejoice! Read More

Want to solve society’s most urgent problems? Cash prizes can spur breakthroughs. Research has helped untangle the way prizes work and their potential to encourage science and innovation. Read More

Although creativity regularly appears on wishlists for desirable employee skills in the 21st century, it’s a poor way to measure attributes that drive innovation. How did creativity become an engine of economic growth and a corporate imperative? Read More


Where is my office? Book by Chris Kane, released October 15, 2020. The traditional office space no longer serves the needs of the modern workforce. This book presents innovative alternatives that have the potential to invigorate employee productivity while simultaneously trimming excess costs.


‎”Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

Dr. Albert Szent- Györgyi



Callum Hickey
National Innovation Manager at Iplex Pipelines Australia

Get to know Callum Hickey in our second monthly interview exploring the habits, traits, inspirations and ambitions of leading innovation professionals. Callum told us how he came to love economics, what psychological tools he uses to stay focused, and why sleeping in makes him more productive. Read More



The THRIVE Australia Challenge (open until 6 November) For seed to series A start-ups solving the problems of the Australian agrifood industry. Gain recognition, exposure to local and international investors, and contribute to building the agrifood innovation ecosystem.


ActInSpace Adelaide (Adelaide, 13-14 November). This international innovation contest is set to inspire young women and men worldwide to meet challenges based on space technologies, data, patents and infrastructures to launch start-ups into all areas of our daily lives.

DefHacks 2.0 (Online, 14-15 November). A free, 36-hour worldwide event for high school and university students. Students of all skill levels collaborate to create innovative projects to solve the world’s problems.

SheEO Australian Summit (Online, 17-18 November). A gathering for women working on The World’s To-Do List. Connect with and learn from the women who are redefining business to create change.

AFR Innovation Summit (Online, 7 December). The Australian Financial Review brings together the leading lights of the R&D, technology, and start-up communities to explore what Australian businesses and research organisations can do to develop their capacity for successful innovation.

India Australia Circular Economy Hackathon (I-ACE) (Online, 7-8 December) A two-day event held simultaneously across Australia and India, designed to create new ideas that will help us rethink materials and waste. Applications close 6 November.



Does working from home make you miss your snug office cubicle? Never fear. The Box Office, created by industrial designers at the University of the Philippines, mimics the office cubicle and provides a foldable, compact and secluded workspace within the home. Now all you need are a few co-workers talking too loudly on the phone and bumping into your office chair as they walk past and you’ll feel like you never left.   Want one?



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