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What you need to know:

  • There are currently five Standards with another five in development.
  • The ISO Innovation Management Standards are written as recommendations or guidelines, to provide . They are not compliance standards yet.
  • Applying the Standards will ensure your innovation strategy and efforts are aligned with world’s best practice.
  • Organisations that do not consider the Innovation Standards risk being left behind as their competitors apply international best practice methods to improve the value, ROI and impact of their innovation activities.

Now is the time to ensure that your innovation program aligns with the innovation framework standards that are driving innovation across the world. Contact us to find out how we can help.

What are the Published Standards?

ISO 56000 – Innovation Management. This standard covers the fundamentals and vocabulary around innovation systems. It focuses on building knowledge within organisations, looking at IP and how to manage initiatives. It includes guidelines for performance and assessment. It’s built on eight principles of innovation and explores the relationships between different stakeholders in innovation systems.

ISO 56002 – Innovation Systems. This standard describes setting up an innovation management system in the context of how it drives value within an organisation. It looks at what leaders need to do to ensure that innovation is aligned with strategy and the planning around setting up and evaluating an innovation system, e.g. the support required for innovation managers and teams, the resources, the competence, the awareness communication and other tools.

ISO 56003 – Tools and Methods for Innovation Partnerships. This standard describes the value of a partnerships framework, how to go about entering a partnership, partner selection alignment, interactions between partners, etc.

ISO 56004 – Innovation Management Assessment. This standard helps the user understand why it is beneficial to carry out an Innovation Management Assessment (IMA), what to assess, how to carry out the IMA, and how to maximize the resulting benefits.

ISO 56005 – Tools and methods for intellectual property management. This standard includes guidelines for supporting the role of intellectual property (IP) within innovation management. It covers a range of areas relating to creating an IP strategy systematic IP management within the innovation processes, and consistent IP tools and methods in support of efficient IP management.

The other standards and related handbooks to be released in the future consider such factors as tools and methods for strategic intelligence, ideas, innovation operation measurements, and SME use of innovation management systems.

Who creates the ISO Innovation Management Standards?

The Standards are a valuable innovation framework which has been developed by the ISO Innovation Management Standards Committee (ISO/TC 279), incorporating insights from 47 participating ISO member countries and 19 observing member countries.

The scope of ISO/TC 279 is “Standardisation of terminology, tools, methods and interactions between relevant parties to enable innovation”.  The Innovation Standards are designed to support innovation management systems, regardless of an organisation’s origin or size, taking into account the different ways that companies in various sectors operate across the world.

Brian Ruddle (Managing Director, Impact Innovation) is the chair of Australia’s Innovation Management Standards committee (MB-279) and is an expert on a number of international technical committees. Australia’s committee has representatives from a large number of industries and organisations that are focused on enhancing innovation outcomes.

ISO assembles the technical committees that drive the development of new standards. In most cases, the experts that develop ISO Standards work in the field. They may have expert knowledge but they are not isolated professors of theory. They understand and anticipate the challenges of their sector, using standardisation as a tool to create a level playing field that benefits everyone.

You can read more about the ISO Standards Committees on the ISO website


Benefits of the ISO Innovation Management Standards

The ISO Innovation Management Standards Committee (ISO/TC 279) state that the standards on innovation management will allow organisations to share their best practices, facilitating collaboration and also developing the capability to innovate and to bring innovations successfully to market. They are designed to support innovation in organisations regardless of their origin, industry, type or size.

According to the Committee, the expected benefits of the ISO Innovation Management Standards for the global market include:

– Increased business opportunities and development of new markets, leading to the consequent reduction in trade barriers
– Reduced time to market for inventions, research and new products
– Growth of a global innovation culture
– Improved collaboration and communication on a global scale
– Incorporation of social responsibility into organisation’s innovation processes

They also highlight several benefits for individual organisations who choose to implement the Standards. Organisational benefits include:

– Reduce cost and risk when innovating and collaborating across borders
– Increase the organisation’s ability to make decisions: test and try, fail fast, and the capability to take reasonable risks
– Improve the efficiency and the performance of innovation programs
– Improve results of the innovation process and contribute to monitoring the return of investments made in innovation
– Share a globally accepted ‘common language’ for innovation management
– Evaluate the progress of the organisation and identify and share good practices in innovation management

Read more about the ISO/TC 279 Innovation Management Committee here.


Where can I purchase the Standards?

You can purchase the International Innovation Management Standards on the Standards Australia website or on the TechStreet website.

They are available in both hard copy and PDF.


Learn more about the ISO Innovation Management Standards

Innovation Standards Workshop


We run monthly workshops to provide an introduction to the ISO Innovation Management Standards. These workshops are best suited to innovation managers and R&D managers.

Learn about the new ISO Innovation Management Standards, unpack the guidelines recommended in the Standards for international best-practice innovation management and understand methods you can use to improve innovation return on investment.

The free workshops are 1.5 hours in duration and are delivered online.

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Innovation Navigator™

Align your innovation framework and systems to the ISO Innovation Management Standards. The Innovation Navigator™ will assess your existing innovation system according to the Global ISO Innovation Management Standards, identify gaps, and provide a customised report including a detailed and prioritised action plan so you can implement the recommended improvements.

The Innovation Navigator™ process will:

  • Help you create a low risk and effective innovation management system based on world’s best practice
  • Provide a Prioritised Action Plan you can apply to reduce identified gaps 
  • Align your innovation management system to your broader organisational strategy

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The elements of an Innovation Management System according to the ISO innovation management standards
The elements of an Innovation Management System according to the ISO innovation management standards

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