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Why are standards for innovation important?

Innovation means many different things to many different people. Without a common language and guidelines, it can be extremely difficult to communicate what you are trying to achieve with innovation to internal and external stakeholders. Adoption and application of the standards can provide clarity and consistency.

For organisations: If your organisation has a responsibility to demonstrate innovation prowess to potential customers, partners and collaborators, alignment to the ISO 56000 suite of Innovation Standards can provide significant advantage and build trust and confidence in your innovation program.

For senior leadership: Standards provide a framework for decision-making in relation to things such as innovation investment and resourcing. They enhance decision-making capabilities and confidence in the way forward.

For innovation managers: Standards provide a guide for leading innovation activities across an organisation. For the broader teams who support innovation within an organisation, standards instill trust and confidence that the organisation is set up for success.


Are the standards relevant to commercialisation and R&D?

Definately. The standards can be applied to organisations working across innovation, commercialisation and R&D.


What is Impact Innovation’s role in developing the Standards?

Impact Innovation’s Managing Partner, Brian Ruddle, is the Chair of the Innovation Management Standards Committee for Standards Australia.

The Committee actively participate in the development of the innovation management standards. They represent Australia to monitor all work items of the international committee, attend international meetings, assess the possibility of adopting international innovation management standards for Australia and work for the net benefit of the Australian innovation community.


How is Impact Innovation applying the Standards?

  • Our Innovation System Design service helps organisations looking to shift their existing innovation program to a system approach aligned to ISO 56002 Innovation Management System Standards.
  • Our Innovation Foundations service helps organisations establish an innovation program for the first time and is aligned to ISO 56002 Innovation Management System Standards
  • Our ISO 56002 Innovation Management System Standards training provides a comprehensive overview of the standards, a system approach to innovation and application of key parts into a business


What standards are available?

ISO 56000 – Innovation Management Fundamentals and Vocabulary. This standard covers the fundamentals and vocabulary around innovation systems. 

ISO 56002 – Innovation Management Systems. This standard describes setting up an innovation management system in the context of how it drives value within an organisation.

ISO 56003 – Tools and Methods for Innovation Partnerships. This standard describes the value of a partnerships framework, how to go about entering a partnership, partner selection alignment, interactions between partners, etc.

ISO 56004 – Innovation Management Assessment. This standard helps the user understand why it is beneficial to carry out an Innovation Management Assessment (IMA), what to assess, how to carry out the IMA, and how to maximize the resulting benefits.

ISO 56005 – Tools and methods for intellectual property management. This standard includes guidelines for supporting the role of intellectual property (IP) within innovation management.


Where can you buy the Standards?

You can purchase the International Innovation Management Standards on the Standards Australia website or on the TechStreet website.

They are available in both hard copy and PDF.


Everything we do is underpinned by the Standards. Talk to us about aligning to the Standards.