Transforming ideas into reality.

Don’t leave your innovation program exposed to risk.

The Innovation Navigator® will assess your existing innovation system according to the Global ISO Innovation Management Standards, identify gaps, and provide a customised report including a detailed and prioritised action plan so you can implement the recommended improvements.

  • Show your board and executive management how your innovation system aligns with the ISO Innovation Management Standards and worlds best-practice
  • Minimise risk and maximise return by identifying and eliminating the gaps in your innovation system
  • Act quickly with a detailed roadmap and Gantt chart showing you exactly how accelerate outcomes and reduce the cost of your innovation system.
  • Increase cost-spend efficiency and improve ROI by redirecting capital expenditure to the most critical activities, so you can deliver more effective business outcomes.

Impact Innovation’s proprietary Innovation Navigator® is an expert-guided tool that provides you with the knowledge and insights you need to develop your Innovation Management System so it can drive the implementation of organisation-wide strategy.


Optimise your innovation system.

The Innovation Navigator® assessment matrix focuses on the five key elements of an innovation management system as outlined in the Global ISO Innovation Management Standards (ISO 56002: Innovation management — Innovation management system — Guidance).

Each element addresses a particular aspect in the process of realising value from innovation, and together creates a comprehensive systematic overview (a ‘helicopter view’) of your organisation’s innovation activities.

The elements of an Innovation Management System according to the ISO innovation management standards
The elements of an Innovation Management System according to the ISO innovation management standards

Improve your return on innovation investment

The Innovation Navigator® process will:

  • Provide a low risk and objective innovation management system based on world’s best practice and the global ISO56002 innovation standards
  • Identify gaps between current and optimal innovation capabilities
  • Provide a Prioritised Action Plan you can apply to reduce identified gaps and enhance the most important elements in your innovation management system
  • Align your innovation management system to your broader organisational strategy, optimising its performance to maximise return on innovation investment and ensuring innovation is a sustainable part of your organisation.

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How the Innovation Navigator® process works

Innovation Navigator Process
As an output the Innovation Navigator™ provides an agreed outcomes-based Gap Analysis Report and Priority Actions Roadmap

Phase One: Innovation System Assessment

An Innovation System Assessment is conducted with your innovation team. An interactive session is led by an expert facilitator who will guide your team through a series of questions, using the Innovation Navigator® tool to consolidate and process your responses. This session usually takes around 1.5 hours.

The Assessment measures whether current processes meet the organisations needs for each one of the five ISO 56002 standard innovation management system elements and detect any gaps that may cause a risk of future underperformance.

When running through the assessment, organisational priorities are also identified and recorded. This information is used to inform the development of your Priority Actions Roadmap, ensuring any work on your innovation system is well aligned to your organisation’s broader strategic goals.

Phase Two: Gap Analysis Report, Priority Actions Roadmap and Gantt Chart

In the second session, you will be presented with a Gap Analysis Report, clearly identifying which innovation management system elements need stronger focus in order to align with the standards.

You will also receive a Priority Actions Roadmap, tailored to your specific organisational needs and the current state of your innovation management system, to map out your next steps.

Your Priority Actions Roadmap includes a Gantt chart with targeted activities to address and enhance the prioritised innovation management system elements, including detailed tasks, timelines and resources required to implement those activities.

When implementing the Priority Actions Roadmap, we recommend undertaking a series of “sprints” focusing on improving one or two of the five innovation management system elements over a specified period, before moving on to the next. This allows you to focus resources, progress more quickly, and align your activity with corporate priorities and imperatives. We can provide advice and guidance around how best to make this work for your team (and how to measure the results).

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