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Impact Innovation Lab is an expert forum where members gain practical insights to drive a return on innovation investment.

A collaboration between Impact Innovation Group, International Workplace Group and Brightidea, Lab fosters business growth across the Asia Pacific region.

Through masterclasses, webinars and discussions we connect and support business leaders with ‘real world’ advice and connections to help navigate the complexity of business innovation and turning ideas into valuable products and services.

Impact Innovation Lab is a community of innovation professionals including:

  • Brightidea clients across the Asia Pacific region
  • International Workplace tenants across its 90+ locations in Australia and New Zealand
  • Impact Innovation Group client network
  • Other sponsor networks


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Navigating the Complexity of New Products and Services

Businesses operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. With shifting landscapes and the rise of new technologies, decision-makers need to take more action to respond to these transformations—to future-proof their businesses.

Our practical updates provide you with the latest techniques and tools to stay ahead. We cut through the hype to help you achieve a greater return on innovation investment.

With proven complexity models we highlight the areas business leaders now need to consider when developing new products, services and innovation systems, empowering decision-makers with the skills needed for a changing market.

Over the last 13 years, Impact Innovation has trained more than 5,150 business leaders and innovators focusing on how to embrace innovation and collaboration to drive sustainable, profitable change.

Are you ready to navigate innovation complexity to reduce risk, remove roadblocks, and grow faster?

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