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New International Innovation Management Standards now adopted by Australia

Posted 5 months ago

I am pleased to announce that the Innovation Management Standards committee (MB-279) for Standards Australia have endorsed a set of Innovation Management Standards that will provide cohesion and a simplified, standardised approach to driving innovation and improvement throughout our businesses and institutions.

Australia is on an innovation journey, to spark economic growth, safeguard against international disruption and continue our prosperity. Innovation plays a critical role as competitive tensions within our SME and corporate sectors increase, market conditions stagnate, and the dominant forces of globalisation and digitisation reshape our country’s workforce and exports.

Until now, there has been no standard guide, process, definitions, tools or agreed frameworks that could enable our country’s businesses and institutions to successfully innovate at pace, in line with international competitors, or in collaboration with international trading partners. Now, we have a set of consistent tools, approaches, and methods to manage innovation and its implementation, aligned with international best practice.

You can find out more about the newly adopted International Standards for Innovation Management on the Standards Australia website.

Impact Innovation will be delivering workshops in 2021 to help innovation professionals align their corporate innovation systems with the ISO Standards. If you are interested in knowing when the workshop is being held, please register your interest below.

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Author: Brian Ruddle, Managing Director of Impact Innovation Group and Chair of the Innovation Management Standards committee (MB-279) for Standards Australia.