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Our Team

With broad experience in a variety of industries and various senior roles, our management team are specialists in asset management consulting and maintenance management, particularly when it comes to heavy mining and mobile equipment.

    Queensland (QLD) & Northern Teritory (NT)

  • Brian Ruddle

    Managing Director

    Brian formed the Impact Innovation Group in 2006 to serve an unmet need for independent specialist commercialisation services. He has since helped form four start-up companies based on university technologies, which have raised between $450,000 and $2 million in seed rounds. He has also negotiated licence agreements with Australian and international companies, assisted SMEs with developing commercialisation strategies for new products and services, and brought to fruition the Enterprise Access platform to overcome inherent difficulties in commercialising new technologies and fostering the collaboration to accelerate the process. Brian provides part-time CEO expertise for technology start-up companies and currently holds this position with Nexgen Plants (a VC-backed plant virus resistance company) and NeoRehab, a telehealth solutions company for physiotherapy, speech pathology, audiology and occupational therapy.

    B.App.Sc. Hons (Rural Management), M.Ec., Dip. Export Management, GAICD

    Technical specialities: innovation systems, start-up governance & management, business modelling

    Sector specialities: biotechnologies, health & medical devices, mining

  • Cameron Johns

    General Manager

    Cameron develops strategies for meeting the rapidly changing marketplace for all Australian enterprises at all stages of the business life-cycle. He has specialist skills in the execution of turn-around or realignment projects as well as capitalising on new markets or ideas. Over 20+ years as an innovation practitioner, Cameron has helped numerous inventors, start-ups and SMEs with business model development and capital raising. He has also facilitated collaborations between research organisations industry; and empowered not-for-profits to generate commercial success and sustainability. He has managed and piloted programs centred on innovation, advanced manufacturing, science, and technology to drive regional and national economic growth, for Australian and international development outcomes. His network across state and federal governments has led to delivering programs on small business, innovation, and commercialisation.

    B.App.Sc. (Aquaculture), Grad.Dip. Commercialisation, Cert IV Project Management, Cert IV Small Business Management

    Technical specialities: product commercialisation, university-industry collaborations, capital raising

    Sector specialities: food & agribusiness, aquaculture, professional services

  • Dr Cherie van Wensveen

    Senior Innovation Strategist

    Cherie is an Intellectual Property Specialist with over 11 years’ experience, including six years in innovation and commercialisation management. Her more recent and commercial roles have involved developing and implementing commercialisation management plans based upon sound IP strategy, R&D project prioritisation and pipeline management, and internal resource allocation. Her approach has been to enable successful commercialisation through alignment of the innovation strategy with desired business outcomes. Her previous roles have also involved identifying and evaluating potential innovation and investment opportunities for target companies across the globe. Cherie is a registered Patent and Trade Marks attorney, and an active member of the Licensing Executives Society of Australia and New Zealand, the Institute of Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys, and the American Chemical Society.

    B.Sc. Hons (Chemistry), Ph.D. (Hydrometallurgy), M.Intellectual Property Law

    Technical specialities: IP management, innovation systems

    Sector specialities: engineering (chemical, hydrometallurgy)

  • Kellie Dyer

    Senior Commercialisation Strategist

    Kellie is a creative and enthusiastic person with a diverse range of experience. Kellie has applied her highly regarded skills in business, technology, and innovation to supporting large infrastructure organisations, small and medium-sized businesses, academia, and other research centres. Working as the Adoption and Commercialisation Manager for a research-based organisation allowed Kellie to appreciate different commercialisation strategies. Pragmatic, versatile, adaptable and with a strong sense of determination are qualities that have naturally drawn Kellie towards activities that involve bringing diverse groups of people together to achieve mutually beneficial business objectives. Kellie is a non-executive director of a financial services organisation and a national research organisation. She has been involved in a number of strategic projects, including launching spin-offs and re-branding and re-positioning other types of organisations. Kellie is a certified Innovation Facilitator and is both a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    B.Bus. (Mgt & Mkt), MBA (Tech Mgt), GAICD

    Technical specialities: Commercialisation processes, R&D, research collbaorations

    Sector specialities: Financial services, local government, research centres

  • Alexandra Connors

    Corporate Programs Manager

    Alexandra specialised in Sustainability when completing her Bachelor of Business Management and is currently undertaking a Master of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at The University of Queensland. Her dynamic communication and people skills reflect a strong customer service management background in the telecommunications sector. She combines her natural ability to adapt and relate to people of all ages and interests with extensive problem-solving skills transferable to strategic business development, sales, and marketing. Alexandra has more than five years of administration and support service experience in delivering effective project management and delivering quality and assurance to a dedicated client base. Her highly evolved team management skills make Alexandra an integral part of the Impact Innovation Group team. Alexandra brings an enthusiastic approach and an all-inclusive understanding of financial, social and natural environment aspects of a firm’s activities to achieve sustainable and innovative outcomes.

    B.Bus. Mgt (Sustainability), M. Bus. Innovation & Entrepreneurship (current study)

    Technical specialities: Business processes, event management, marketing, customer service

    Sector specialities: Small business, telecommunications, administration

  • Leanne Wyvill

    Senior Associate

    Leanne is the founder and lead trainer of Presence Communications, a specialist corporate communications training and services consultancy for the innovation and technology transfer sector as well as government and SME clients. Leanne supports Impact Innovation Group’s marketing of commercialisation services, innovation programs, and client ventures. Her expertise in this sector was honed whilst working for UniQuest, The University of Queensland’s main research commercialisation company. She still liaises with University of Queensland researchers on behalf of its Office of Marketing and Communications and various schools, faculties, centres and institutes, to promote their scientific discoveries, many of which have commercial applications. Leanne is a member of Firestation 101, the Ipswich innovation hub, and the board of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce. She is also a regular poster and participant on numerous LinkedIn groups, including GRID, Life Sciences Queensland, Ausbiotech, Women in Technology, Australian Association of Angel Investors, KCA, Australian Institute of Commercialisation, ilab Accelerator, Queensland Science Communicators Network, Training and Learning Australia and Brisbane HR Professionals.

    B.A. Hons (Theatre), Grad.Dip Communication, ATCL, Certified True Colors Facilitator

    Technical specialities: Professional communication, learning & development, event management

    Sector specialities: Small business, research centres, education, health

  • Lewis Atkinson

    Senior Associate

    Lewe is a unique innovation and design-thinking professional and international Strategic Management facilitator. He has 30 years’ experience in knowledge production and transfer through both commercial and public-good innovation pathways to market. He started his boundary-spanning career in FMCG operations, planning and research with Unifoods Australia. In 1993 he became Research and Information Services Manager for Australian Meat Technology Pty Ltd, a CSIRO technology start-up and management consulting company. He joined a team that started a new industry-owned innovation and marketing services company – Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd – where he has held several senior executive positions over the past 16 years. Lewe’s solid technical and financial grounding, combined with a strong creative side, enables him to see patterns, pathways, and solutions that others often miss. He works with clients all over Australia facilitating and consulting in Strategic Planning & Management, Innovation, Cross-boundary Collaboration and Research Leadership Development.

    B.Sc. (Health & Biological Sciences), Chartered Engineer, Chartered Chemist

    Technical specialities: Innovation systems, product development

    Sector specialities: Meat & livestock, agribusiness, profit-for-purpose & community organisations

  • Suzy Roden

    Senior Associate

    Suzy is a trusted consultant, coach and facilitator to top 100 ASX companies, government and entrepreneurial businesses. Her passion is creating innovative, high-performing, customer-focused organisational cultures, with a strong focus on developing strategic, authentic leaders. Suzy partners with colleagues and clients to develop customised programs around interdependent business drivers such as leadership, cultural architecture, innovation and entrepreneurship, strategy and execution, team and talent, customer experience and organisational design. Suzy has worked with a wide range of public and private organisations, and industries across Australia, including mining and related services, education and training, construction and engineering, health, retail, associations, and government. She consulted at the Centre for the Development of Entrepreneurs (Graduate School of Management, UQ) and with UniQuest. Suzy is an accredited consultant and author or co-author for several people and organisational diagnostic tools, including one that builds balanced start up teams recently used successfully at MIT’s Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (Cambridge USA).

    B.HMS (Ed), MBA

    Technical specialities: Entrepreneurship, leadership development, innovation culture

    Sector specialities: Education & training, construction & engineering, health, retail, associations, government

  • Dr Simon Cashion

    Senior Associate

    Simon has more than 15 years’ experience in the academic, commercial and industrial research industrial sectors. He joined the Impact Innovation Group after working with the Australian Water Recycling centre of Excellence as a Manager of Research and Commercial Development. Simon developed his expertise in project management, contract drafting and negotiation, business development, financial and strategic planning, capital raising, commercialisation and intellectual property management whilst working with UniQuest, The University of Queensland’s main research commercialisation company. As Technical Manager for Australian Magnesium Technologies—Europe, Simon was responsible for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier 1 technology development with a customer base throughout Germany and Scandinavia. Simon is an authorised Australian Financial Services Licence representative and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Simon completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Tasmania with a double major in Chemistry and Mathematics, and a PhD in Materials Engineering at The University of Queensland.

    B.Sc. Hons (Chemistry & Mathematics), Ph.D. (Mining, Minerals & Materials Engineering)

    Technical specialities: Commercialisation, strategic planning & development

    Sector specialities: Chemistry & Materials, auto & components, manufacturing, mining, minerals & metals, water

  • Anne-Marie Walton

    Senior Associate

    Anne-Marie brings a first-hand understanding of entrepreneurs’ needs through her immersion in the startup sector as; a founder; former Community Manager of Fire Station 101 (one of Queensland’s leading innovation hubs; and via the University of Southern Queensland as part of the development team of an entrepreneurship program for women. Anne-Marie’s knowledge is supported by 20+ years’ experience in corporate, small business and community ventures. She has a large network of contacts in the government and private sector and a strong background in human resources, business operations and effective stakeholder engagement. This has come from a track record in event management, driving partnerships, maximising resources and streamlining processes. As the founder and CEO of KidsWantu, a marketing and social impact platform that helps busy families have quality fun time together, Anne-Marie is an working example of how to take an idea and scale it to the world.

    Technical specialities: Business Strategy, Community Building, Presentation Skills

    Sector specialities: Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Communication

  • Mathew Nelson

    Senior Associate

    Matthew has worked as a lead designer managing all aspects of product development: from market and user research, concept development, computer aided drafting and manufacture, rapid prototyping, testing and certification, parts and manufacturing (both procurement and sourcing), marketing and procedures, to life-cycle testing and feedback analysis. This experience has allowed him to form international relationships, and strengthen his understanding of Chinese collaboration. Matthew was accepted into MA Innovation Management at University of the Arts London. His thesis outlined a framework to allow communities of innovation to emerge through various forms of communication, the key environmental factor for continued success. Matthew focused on group creativity, creative psychology, social innovation and convening communities to best leverage the mass of opportunities in China, Australia and the UK. He leverages systems and processes that will allow for faster incremental and more radical innovations to emerge. Matthew is strategically based in Xiamen an emerging capital for design in China.

    B.A. Hons (Industrial Design), M.A. (Innovation Management)

    Technical specialities:

    Product development & design, Communication, Disruptive and Radical Innovation

    Sector specialities: Manufacturing, Product/Industrial Design & Spatial Design, Social & Community Development

    New South Wales (NSW) & Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

  • Mitchell Filby

    Senior Associate

    Mitchell has an extensive and balanced career that encapsulates the corporate, private and not-for-profit sectors across a variety of vertical markets and industry sectors. He has held and continues to hold senior executive roles as well as board memberships relating to these sectors. Today Mitchell spends much of his time working with small business entrepreneurs and CXOs in the large enterprises and government organisations to accelerate the process of commercialising innovative ideas. He has developed a practical approach framed in an agile innovation methodology that helps validate and test product and business model solutions, while at the same time reducing their exposure to financial risk. Mitchell is also an author, global speaker, publisher, business and industry journalist, business analyst, business mentor and coach as well as a serial entrepreneur.

    MBA, ADip (Business)

    Technical specialities: Commercialisation Pathways, Innovation Systems, Interim CEO & Management

    Sector specialities: Information Communication Technologies & Software, Manufacturing, Marketing, Communications and PR

  • Steve Brady

    Senior Associate

    Steve made the decision over 18 years ago to address the unmet needs of many Australian businesses by giving them access to qualified, specialist innovation, commercialisation and entrepreneurial services that create new technologies and markets, ultimately added measurable value, and increase competitiveness nationally and internationally. He has since assisted hundreds of Australian and international innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, early stage companies, research organisations, federal and state government departments, industry associations and large companies to understand and transition through their innovation and commercialisation paths. This includes helping them successfully raise funds from highly competitive government grants, venture capitalists, private investors and via ASX IPO. He has worked with companies across diverse industries and sectors to design, develop and commercialise products, services and technologies to global markets. Bridging the government and commercial sectors, Steve has also negotiated and facilitated trade sales, distribution and licence agreements, and collaborative joint ventures for such initiatives as (re)innovation, Women in Business, and Young Entrepreneurs Stepping Up workshops and programs with industry partners.

    MBA (Entrepreneurship & Innovation), B.Sc. (Computer Science, Information Systems & Applied Mathematics), GradCert (Quality Management), GradCert (Statistical Analysis using Minitab), GradCert (Statistical Control Chart Principles), GradCert (Quality & Productivity), GradCert (Design of Industrial Experiments – Quality Improvement).

    Technical specialities: Creativity & Strategy, Project Management, Operations

    Sector specialities: All sectors that have medium to very high technical needs, technologies and/or environments.

    Victoria (VIC), South Australia (SA) & Tasmania (TAS)

  • Scott Brown

    Senior Associate

    Scott’s corporate exposure, success in the small business sector and his passion for small to medium enterprises, provides a broad foundation from which to advise, support or lead organisations looking to develop, innovate, grow or prosper. He has invented, created, built, developed and commercialised businesses, prospects, business models and brands across a range of industry sectors nationally and globally over the past 30 years. Scott’s technical qualifications and leadership experience spans such industry sectors as mining and resources, architectural design and town planning, construction, retail sales and marketing, education/training, horticulture, water/hydrology, earth sciences, sustainability, business management and strategy consulting, business broking, mergers and acquisitions, and innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. He provides interim or part-time CEO expertise for start-up, early-stage or established companies in such sectors as app-tech, digital business sales, M&A, ICT, importing, manufacturing, tourism/recreation, and retail. He has helped launch significant start-up entities, and raised millions of dollars in seed and PE capital through multiple source channels. Scott is a member and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

  • Richard O'Shanesy

    Senior Associate

    Richard is a business executive with broad experience across large corporates, SME’s and start-ups. In addition to performing Chief Executive and Business Unit GM roles, Richard has held functional General Management roles in Operations, Sales and Finance. The majority of his experience relates to product development; however, he has also held senior positions within businesses serving agriculture, events, and sustainability markets. Richard is a customer-focused leader with excellent problem solving, communications and interpersonal skills. He has a passion for innovation and change and has led several major initiatives across these areas

    BComm (Economics), AdvDip (Tax)

    Technical specialities: Creativity & Strategy, Project Management, Operations

    Sector specialities: All sectors that have medium to very high technical needs, technologies and/or environments.

  • Martin Chesbrough

    Senior Associate

    Martin is an experienced intrapreneur and part-time entrepreneur. Has started and run business units globally for large multi-nationals (US$30B+) that aim to introduce innovative new products and services to market. He has a strong business focus, both in generating growth and in optimizing costs. Martin has founded several small startups, primarily in the technology space, and brought innovative new products to market. Has worked effectively across Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle-East and Africa, dealing with different cultures, growing technology and professional services businesses, and building cross-geography teams.

    Martin is passionate about building winning teams, using agile principles and lean thinking to deliver value.

    BSc. (Hons), MEng., GAICD, AFAIM, PMP

    Technical specialities: Business Model Innovation, Project, Program & Operational Management, Agile Coaching, Sales & Service Management

    Sector specialities: Defence, Oil & Gas, Logistics & Supply Chain, Retail

  • Dr Delyth Samuel

    Senior Associate

    Delyth has a strong focus on strategy and organisational performance with a successful track record in general management, strategy, research, commercialisation, innovation, business development and governance across a broad range of disciplines. She has led and managed significant growth in the delivery of commercial education services, implemented large efficiency and change programs and worked with senior leaders in several organisations on strategy planning and implementation.

    With specialist experience in the “Voice of the Customer” research methodology, she has completed several projects to uncover customer requirements as the key input to strategy development and business model planning.

    She has been a judge for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards and a member of several boards and committees, including the Cooperative Research Centres Committee, and is currently a member of the Governing Board of the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) and Secretary of the local tennis Club.

    BA (Hons), PhD, MBA, GCAID

    Technical specialities: Strategic project management, New product/service development, organisational and customer focused design

    Sector specialities: Tertiary Education,Textiles, Agriculture

    Western Australia (WA)

  • John Grohovaz

    Senior Associate

    John’s career spans more than 20 years across many industries, including advanced   manufacturing, financial   services, advertising   and   professional services.  He has worked in the USA, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa and Australia. John has worked with innovative entrepreneurs for the last eight years, assisting them to develop, fund and commercialise their ideas.  Before joining EMJ Consulting Pty Ltd, John was the Global Innovation and Investment Incentive Partner at Deloitte. As the lead innovation partner, John presented to the South West Focus Conference (WA as a hub for entrepreneurial innovation); Curtin Business School students (leadership and innovation); and the Festival of the Web (collaboration and innovation). John is the co-founder of the Global Pathways Program, an entrepreneurial development   program   building   a   global   mindset   and    supporting   the commercialisation   of   Australian   innovation   overseas.   John   is   also   a Registered Global Chartered Management Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

    BComm (Economics), AdvDip (Tax), Registered Global Chartered Management Accountant

    Technical specialities: Entrepreneurship, Program Development, Accounting

    Sector specialities: Advanced manufacturing, financial services, advertising, and   professional services

Sector Experience

The Impact Innovation Group has successfully delivered commercialisation, intellectual property and innovation management advice, services and training across key projects in such sectors as: