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Making Managing Projects Easier

When innovation managers, new product owners and R&D teams are pumping a pipeline of ideas at different stages of development, calculating risk and minimising commercialisation timeframes can be very tricky.

That’s why it’s smart to bring in our proprietary tools, systems and expertise.

We help you collect critical data about evolving markets and customer expectations, so you can make the best decisions for streamlining processes and choosing collaborators.

Would you like managing your commercialisation plan, projects and processes to get easier?

Making the Right Decisions

Making the right decisions at the right time about resources and relationships accelerates your journey to market. Break through barriers and work out the next best steps with our tools for commercialising ideas faster, lowering risk and cost. Be confident of clearly communicating the value of your ideas to internal and external investors, including grant agencies.

Commercialisation Navigator®

The Commercialisation Navigator® helps you quickly review projects and ideas to work out the next best step for your idea, product, or service.

Commercialisation Navigator® is a practical, objective tool that unblocks stalled projects and supports investment decisions. It helps you identify and prioritise the critical actions needed for commercial success – delivering a prioritised roadmap.

The 12 different focus areas and 30 lines of enquiry help you avoid the most common commercialisation failures and keeps your project on track.

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Commercial Readiness Assessment

Trying to track progress of a range of projects? This tool monitors project progress against four critical categories: technology readiness, target market readiness, manufacturing & distribution readiness and revenue & cost model readiness. Is your portfolio of projects or companies progressing or stagnating? Focus your time and resources with an objective assessment.

The commercialisation process is about progressively replacing assumptions with facts to reduce risk. Impact Innovation’s Commercial Readiness Assessment helps you understand and communicate where facts need to be validated for commercialisation to progress with confidence.

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Consulting & Strategy

Commercialisation Navigator® and the Commercialisation Readiness Assessment provide a roadmap to help you commercialise your product or service faster and with lower risk. You can implement the activities yourself, or call on our team of commercialisation specialists to help you take your opportunity to the next level.

With our expertise enriching your commercialisation projects and new product development, you can:

  • Gain an objective perspective on your viability-to-value plan
  • Create the best business models
  • Attract more funds for commercialisation activities
  • Demonstrate better innovation ROI
  • Articulate the value proposition and anticipated impact

We provide organisational consultancy and strategic advisory services as well as one-to-one and small-group mentoring.

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Consultants working on a Commercialisation Plan


Training & Culture

Navigate the complexity of commercialisation and overcome ‘roadblocks’ by bringing on board the right skills at the right time, and empower your people with practical skills and knowledge to drive your commercialisation plan from ideas to outcomes.

We offer commercialisation training courses including:

  • Commercialisation Fundamentals
  • Communicating Commercial Potential
  • Understanding Viability and Impact
  • Building Productive Industry Relationships

Selecting the right training modules is critical to building commercialisation capability for startup founders, researchers and team members responsible for new product development. Our Skills Navigator® identifies key gaps and allows the design of bespoke training programs that meet participant needs.

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Case Study: C2CPRO joins builders & customers under patented concept-to-completion software

“Most importantly, changing our business model helped us to identify the outcomes that would bring real financial relief to family businesses in the building industry.”

– Peter Woods, Founder and CEO, C2C Digital

  • Proved market viability
  • Obtained $2M in seed funding
  • Matched C2CPRO with a global strategic partner to explore national expansion possibilities

Impact Innovation’s commercialisation consultancy helped C2C Digital articulate new revenue and customer engagement strategies.

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