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How can we help you with R&D and Commercialisation?

R&D Program Design

Start R&D and commercialisation in your organisation.

If you have a vision for how you want to invest in a new R&D program, we can help. Whether it is a strategic enterprise initiative, R&D center or institute, great program design turns the vision into a reality that delivers sustained value back into the organisation. Talk to us about setting up your R&D and Commercialisation program for success and getting the critical first building blocks done right.

Boost your existing R&D and Commercialisation program.

Are you achieving impact and outcomes from your investment into R&D and commercialisation? Do you have the data needed to make decisions? Do you know what ‘great’ looks like? Is the market and supply chain ready for deployment? We will work with you to understand what’s needed to boost your R&D and Commercialisation program so you can focus on achieving impact and commercial outcomes.

R&D Project Design

New product and service development

Turning ideas and research outcomes into new products and services is a complex process. It is even more difficult when targeting new customer segments, engaging with new supply chains or using new business models or sales strategies. Impact Innovation uses the expertise of its team and award-winning decision support tools to fast-track and de-risk new product and service development.

High impact R&D project design

Designing high impact R&D projects requires a considered approach to the information required by relevant parties such as commercial partners, industry partners or funding providers. If stakeholders can’t make decisions based on the information on-hand, it’s likely the research will gather dust. We excel at decision-making support. Talk to us about how we can help you help others make impactful decisions.

Decision-Making Tools

Making the right decisions at the right time about resources and relationships accelerates your journey to market, and helps break through barriers. Work out the next best steps with our tools for commercialising ideas faster, lowering risk and cost. They also helps build confidence by enabling you to clearly communicatie the value of your ideas to internal and external investors, including grant agencies.

Impact Innovation excels at decision-making support and our award-winning tools are designed to help.

  • Impact and Commercial Readiness (IC Readiness) helps to understand the status of pre-revenue innovation, research and commercialisation projects using a series of readiness levels to define where you are now and where you need to be to attract investment, resources and the green light to move forward.
  • Commercialisation Navigator® uses a series of structured workshops to work through progress and data of projects ear-marked for impact and commercialisation. The aim in to help project teams identify blind spots and separate assumptions from fact.
  • Skills Navigator® builds better training programs. It assess competency levels across innovation and commercialisation according to team member roles and responsibilities. Better yet, it serves as a benchmarking tool to assess improvements in skills and the ability to use those skills.

Commercialisation Navigator

Training and Workshops

We can facilitate training and workshops face-to-face or virtually for teams large or small. Talk to us about executive leadership and train-the-trainer programs that include:

  • Commercialisation Foundations
  • Communicating Commercial Potential
  • Viability and Impact
  • Building Productive Industry Relationships
  • Decision-making support
  • Stage-gate design
  • New product and service design
  • R&D project design
  • ISO 56002 Innovation Management System Standards Accreditation

Training courses

Tailored Solutions

From R&D and commercialisation strategy and training to stage gate design, decision-making support, leadership advisory and consulting. We bring unique sectoral, technical and country expertise from years of working with clients just like you.

Talk to us about how we can help you enhance parts of your R&D and commercialisation program.

Case Study: C2CPRO joins builders & customers under patented concept-to-completion software

“Most importantly, changing our business model helped us to identify the outcomes that would bring real financial relief to family businesses in the building industry.”

– Peter Woods, Founder and CEO, C2C Digital

  • Proved market viability
  • Obtained $2M in seed funding
  • Matched C2CPRO with a global strategic partner to explore national expansion possibilities

Impact Innovation’s commercialisation consultancy helped C2C Digital articulate new revenue and customer engagement strategies.

View case study