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Build a case for investment with a Commercialisation Readiness Assessment

The Commercialisation Readiness Assessment™ is a fast way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a new idea or product. It is used to make better investment decisions and demonstrate the return on investment in innovation and commercialisation.

Used by entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, R&D managers, and innovation managers, to give CEOs, CFOs and investors insight on risk management and ROI for new ideas and products.


Why use the Commercialisation Readiness Assessment:

  • Independent expert assessment of innovation and commercial projects
  • Use the result to demonstrate commercial strengths and pitch for funding
  • Demonstrate the return on investment from innovation projects.



The Commercialisation Readiness Assessment provides you with expert assesses an idea or new product develop project by assessing four key areas required for commercial success. This can be used to review a single project or to get a better picture of a portfolio of innovation projects.

It also identifies information gaps and can be used with the Commercialisation Navigator Tool to provide a comprehensive project review and action list.


How to access the CRA tool?
  • Do your own assessment!

    Fastest and lowest cost option.

    Do your own assessment!

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  • Work with an expert

    Best option for expert insights and an independent analysis.

    Work with an expert

    One of our commercialisation experts will work through the assessment with you. To learn more or talk to an expert, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.
  • Integrate with other innovation services.

    Best option for multiple or complex projects.

    Integrate with other innovation services.

    Often commercial projects need a combination of tools to get them to market faster. Get in touch with us to discuss some options. Fill out the form and we’ll be in contact shortly.
  • Monitor the performance of a portfolio of projects

    Demonstrate the return on investment of your innovation or R&D program.

    Monitor the performance of a portfolio of projects

    Easy access to independent assessment of the performance of your investment in research, products and services. Get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our experts.


The approach builds on best practice innovation techniques, such as those used by NASA, venture capital fund managers, and lean start-up incubators and accelerator. The Commercialisation Readiness Assessment provides an advanced way to make better investment decisions.