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New partnership accelerates innovative Australian manufacturing

Posted 4 years ago

Micro-factories and 3D-printed prototypes to speed up new product development are just two of the game-changing opportunities that a new partnership between Impact Innovation Group and Arc Hardware Incubator will open up for Australia’s small and medium enterprise (SME) manufacturers.

The new partnership aims to combine the expertise, facilities and networks of two of the largest innovation and commercialisation players in Australia to help the local manufacturing sector in a post-COVID 19 economy. This will plug a significant service gap for SMEs, which contribute 20 percent to the nation’s manufacturing industry value.

Impact Innovation Group managing director, Brian Ruddle, said the collaboration responded to an increasing drive and demand for enterprises to reboot and reposition manufacturing in Australia.

“Access to know-how and fast turn-key prototypes is what a local hi-tech manufacturing sector needs first,” Mr Ruddle said.

“Getting the go-to-market strategy right and customer testing the execution of ideas before investing in buildings and plant equipment will help businesses save both time and money.

“With Impact Innovation’s solid track record for commercialising next-generation technologies, Arc’s cutting-edge equipment, and our common commitment to practical upskilling programs, we can offer a whole new value proposition for accelerated product development across many industries,” Mr Ruddle said.

Arc Hardware Incubator has worked with more than 100 startups and SME ventures since 2017, helping them fast track the development and commercialisation of their products by leveraging its advanced prototyping equipment and skilled staff in engineering, business and design.

“Arc’s services and programs remove some of the biggest barriers to developing innovative hardware products: access to and affordability of prototyping equipment to test and manufacture prototypes; access to commercialisation, engineering and design experts in one location; and access to national and international industry, manufacturing and investment networks,” said Arc CEO, Victor Vicario.

“This new partnership with Impact Innovation Group means we can reach even more businesses with innovation-driven growth strategies and connect them with the services and startups in our network that have the capability to help them determine which ideas are most likely to succeed as new products.”

As well as boosting practical opportunities for SMEs to accelerate product development, the collaboration aims to bridge the silos of research, large industry, smaller enterprise and government stakeholders.

The subsequent improved understanding of their common and different agendas will enrich manufacturing solutions for domestic and global problems as well as inform future manufacturing and procurement policies.

Details of the opportunities the new partnership plans to offer will be announced over the coming months.


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