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Outcomes from Innovation Strategy & Systems

Our tools, systems and training programs make these tasks easier. They also keep your teams engaged, fostering a culture that builds your critical in-house capability for identifying new ways of adding value and improving market share.

Deliver impact – the measurable and repeatable results of a well-executed innovation system – with our specialist consultants guiding the implementation of your innovation strategy.

We’ll help you discover and develop the ideas that will make a difference sooner.

Brightidea innovation management platform

Run your virtual ideation and hackathons, collaborative problem-solving and open innovation using the worlds #1 idea and innovation management software. Breakdown geographical barriers and departmental silos to crowdsource ideas and insights from every team, to enhance your innovation strategy and systems.

With more than two million users worldwide and $16+ billion in net benefits recorded to date, BrightIdea can help you engage your employees at scale, collaborate on novel solutions, and foster a genuine innovation culture. It’s also ideal for involving external stakeholders in problem-solving, accessing more talent through open innovation, and tapping into the power of co-creation.

Impact Innovation is the premier APAC partner for Brightidea – the #1 rated idea management software used by global innovators like AXA, Cisco, Dell, General Electric (GE) and Motorola, and more.

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Bright Idea software to help guide your innovation strategy

Innovation Navigator®

Scale up innovation in your organisation or get it back on track. Aligning with ISO56000 Innovation Management Standards, the Innovation Navigator® helps you measure the strengths of your current innovation system and identify improvements that will increase your return on investment. 

The tool delivers a Gap Analysis Report and a Priority Actions Roadmap that will:

  • reduce the complexity of managing an innovation strategy and system
  • maximise measurable outcomes
  • minimises wasted resources and increase cost-spend efficiency

Your customised roadmap identifies the resources and activities you need to align with the ISO standards, and will help you build your innovation system into a strategic and sustainable part of your organisation’s future.

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Training & Culture

Our innovation training courses empower your people with practical skills and knowledge to drive innovation and commercial outcomes, and foster an innovation culture that thrives on energised ideas.

Our innovation training courses include:

  • Innovation Training for Teams
  • Innovation Training for Leaders and Executives
  • Innovation Champion Training
  • Advanced Ideation

We also provide training in a range of methodologies including design-led thinking, systems thinking, lean startup to name a few.

Selecting the right training modules for the right team members is critical to building innovation capability in an organisation, whether in the private or public sector. Our Skills Navigator® identifies key gaps and allows the design of bespoke workshops that meet the needs of the diverse range of stakeholders involved in your innovation strategy. It delivers a skills roadmap to guide your training activities.

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Consulting & Strategy

Navigate the complexity of innovation and overcome ‘roadblocks’ by bringing on board the right skills at the right time. Impact Innovation consultants can guide your vision with support at the level you need.

Brightidea, Innovation Navigator® and Skills Navigator® all provide results to help you build innovation systems that deliver a ROI.

You can implement the activities yourself or call on our team of innovation specialists to help you take your innovation strategy and system to the next level. More than 80 innovation teams across five countries are now reporting better innovation ROI since bringing our expertise on board.

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Innovation StandardsISO Innovation Management Standards Picture

Standards Australia have endorsed a set of ISO Innovation Management Standards that will provide cohesion and a simplified, consistent approach to driving innovation strategy and business improvement.

Click here to find out more about the ISO Innovation Management Standards.


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Case Study: Unitywater’s Thirst for Innovation

“To have our people understand this context around what innovation is and how it relates to their jobs, particularly for our field people, empowers the organisation.”  

– Luisa Magalhaes, Innovation & Research Specialist at Unitywater

  • 1530+ ideas
  • 60% company-wide engagement
  • 8 new technology trials

Unitywater needed a systematic approach to capturing and considering the ideas of its 600+ people working across all company departments, including workers in the field.

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