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Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day!

Posted 1 year ago

World Creativity and Innovation Day is recognised yearly on April 21 to celebrate innovation and creativity throughout the world in the role of problem solving.  This day was adopted by a resolution of the United Nations to acknowledge the vital role innovation and creativity play in solving the wicked problems that face to world today.

We would like to take the opportunity on World Creativity and Innovation Day to celebrate and recognise the efforts of researchers across Australia who are undertaking significant, world-class research. We would like to celebrate and recognise the commitment and contribution being made by industry partners who are stepping up to accelerate change. We understand that hard work and collaboration behind the scenes often goes unnoticed.

Impact Innovation is often called on to help research organisations and their industry partners generate greater value and impact from innovation and R&D. Thanks to this, we have a front row seat to world-class Australian research. Sadly, when it comes to the adoption of this world-class research, Australia is lagging. According to the Global Innovation Index, Australia is ranked 40th out of 131 countries for knowledge and technology outputs. This is something Impact Innovation is driven to change. On World Creativity and Innovation Day we would like to see a little more creativity and a little more innovation focussed on adoption and translation of ideas to ensure more of our world-class research makes the beneficial impact we need to see in our lives.

We are optimistic that Australia will continue to contribute to solving some of the planet’s biggest challenges in a meaningful and significant way. There’s a lot on the line, and days like today are a good reminder of this. We are excited about the role innovation and R&D will play in building more sustainable communities and organisations through the adoption of world-class research and the commitment of industry partners. It’s hard work and it’s a long road – let’s take today to reflect and see what comes of the next 12 months!


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