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Brightidea Innovation Management Softwarefor Universities, CRCs and Research Organisations

Take your industry engagement to the next level.

Brightidea innovation management software provides universities, CRCs and research organisations with the tools to effectively and professionally engage with industry stakeholders.

With Brightidea, you can:

  • Identify stakeholder challenges and requirements to support CRC bids, ARC hub applications, and other industry-research partnership proposals
  • Run open innovation challenges for industry stakeholders
  • Streamline communications, gather ideas and comments to support industry-led R&D grant application processes
  • Break down silos and geographic barriers to enable deeply collaborative research projects

Brightidea can also seamlessly transition to support the CRC application process, through to implementation and operations.

For example, during Stage One of the application process Brightidea can facilitate industry needs analysis and engagement. During Stage Two, the software can support strategy development and impact determination. Once the CRC is funded, Brightidea can be used to manage applications and initiatives within research themes.

Give your organisation an advantage that sets you ahead of the competition.

Request a demo and see how Brightidea can improve your industry engagement today.

Future grant success will depend on how successfully research organisations can leverage matched industry funds. Talk to us about how our clients are doing this effectively using Brightidea.

Impact Innovation has worked with a number of CRC’s, research organisations and industry associations to improve their outcomes using Brightidea.

Some of our clients include:

Impact Innovation is the premier partner for BrightIdea – the #1 rated innovation and idea management software used by many industry-leading, multinational corporations such as AXA, Cisco, Dell, General Electric (GE), Motorola, Children’s Miracle Hospital and more. With over two million users worldwide and $16+ billion in net benefits recorded to date, Brightidea helps deliver greater returns on your innovation investment.