Transforming ideas into reality.

Don’t burn any more cash or time.

The Commercialisation Navigator® is a practical, objective tool that unblocks obstacles and supports investment decisions. It helps you identify and prioritise the critical actions needed for commercial success, so you know where to invest your resources strategically.

Entrepreneurs, innovation managers, and R&D teams are accelerating commercialisation with this tool because it reduces risk and keeps everyone focused on the most important tasks at each stage.

The Commercialisation Navigator® can be used to produce accurate and succinct progress and performance reports, which give investors greater confidence and help make securing budget approvals much easier.

Achieve commercial outcomes faster.

The Commercialisation Navigator® is the most cost-effective way to bring expert commercialisation advice into your business because it:

  • Helps prevent expensive mistakes that can drain your people and your budget
  • Reinforces business cases to secure more resources
  • Reduces your financial and reputational risks of commercial failure
  • Knocks down silos, bringing investment, marketing, and research teams together and aligning their activity around common goals with a common language
  • Is the ideal tool for making smart decisions sooner.

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How the Commercialisation Navigator™ process works

Commercialisation Navigator two step process

Phase One: Guided application of the Commercialisation Navigator® tool

The current status of your project is assessed in a two-hour interactive session with your team, led by an expert facilitator using the online Commercialisation Navigator® tool. This includes identifying, defining, and recording your project’s objectives and intended impact through a series of specific questions. The assessment framework covers 12 different focus areas and 30 lines of inquiry to generate a comprehensive analysis.

Your responses then inform the development of your Commercialisation Roadmap, ensuring priority actions are aligned to your project’s end goals.

Phase Two: Commercialisation Roadmap

Your project’s Commercialisation Roadmap is prepared as a written report and action plan, tailored to your specific project objectives.

This Roadmap is presented to your team with insights for addressing investment risks and identifying the project’s critical next steps to speed up delivery.

How can the Commercialisation Navigator® help you get new products to market faster?