Transforming ideas into reality.

We work with our clients to design and build more competitive bids giving you the best chance of winning.

We do this by taking a strategic approach and design bids that clearly demonstrate how impact will be achieved.

We know this approach works based on our success advising and turning bids around.

We provide our CRC bid services through four main offers:

  • End-to-End Support: We take full responsibility for the entire bidding process including strategic, operational and administrative elements.
  • Targeted Support: We undertake specific pieces of work you need completed to strengthen and complement your bid.
  • Bid Turnaround: Unsuccessful the first time around? We can work with you to assess and correct your next attempt.
  • Partnership: We may consider partnering with a CRC and providing in-kind contributions.


Focused on what matters most

Engagement: We guide and facilitate deep engagement with industry to understand the problem to be solved, how industry will translate research into impact, and what value industry will realise through partnership.

Impact: We help you clearly define and communicate the sustained economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts through a powerful value proposition.

Project Management: We manage the engine room that keeps your bid on-track – from administration and communications through to bid writing and interview preparation, we plan, track and guide you through every step of the process.

World’s best practice systematic approach: We use a globally recognised approach (ISO 56002 Innovation Management System Standards), combined with expertise in systems and design thinking, to achieve a higher standard in bid development.


Our Difference

While the application form might be the same for each new CRC to secure funding, we recognise that no CRC is the same when it comes to impact, outcomes and the needs of the industry it serves. That’s why craft a bespoke approach for each bid.

Our motivation

We believe every CRC bid should have the potential to radically transform industry and improve the lives of everyone involved.

We want to give these bids the best chance of succeeding.


Are you ready to get started?

We’ll guide you through a 90-minute co-design session to determine the areas of greatest need. From here, we will propose a tailored program of work.