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Distinctive R&D impact
The Impact Imperative

Research-focused industry organisations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate R&D impact and deliver a return on investment (ROI), especially for their levied members.

They’re also looking to upskill their current workforce, so that expertise in science-based roles is enriched with experience in research investor partnerships.

Stakeholders expect R&D projects to drive the anticipated impact, as the key to generating greater ROI.

We know this from our close work with RDCs and other research organisations over the past decade. We’ve helped them apply the Impact R&D principles to their operations in various ways and captured their success stories.

That’s why Impact Innovation’s new R&D Impact Essentials Training Program is ideal for equipping research managers and product development professionals with the know-how to identify, assess, deliver and communicate R&D impact in their own sectors.

Course Overview

The R&D Impact Essentials Training Program is a practical training course for R&D professionals responsible for delivering commercial and productivity value to investors.

It’s a 3-step pathway to understanding, practising and applying modern innovation theories and the 10 Principles for R&D Impact.

Learners engage with experienced R&D practitioners to explore the essential elements of research projects designed for measurable industry and social impact, not just knowledge increments.

The series of small-group sessions addresses critical considerations for impact metrics, such as how well projects are designed to attract funding for each stage of development and what funders/investors need beyond technical data to make decisions.

Importantly, it offers tools and techniques for bridging the expectations gap between researchers and investors, and for making informed and impartial decisions about every project’s future.

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Learner Profile

This course is designed to enrich the knowledge and capabilities of:

  • R&D, commercialisation, and innovation project managers in industry-funded organisations such as RDCs and CRCs
  • R&D managers and product development professionals in private enterprise
  • Career researchers, scientists and engineers looking to boost their business acumen and pivot into R&D roles


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Contact: Lisa Barrios l.barrios@impactinnovation.com or
Telephone: 1300 299 505


Step 1 –Theory & Foundations

This 1-day/7-hour workshop introduces the 10 Principles for R&D Impact and innovation development models based on systems and design thinking.

Step 2 – Practical Application

This 1-day/7-hour workshop sees you applying the tools and approaches introduced in Step 1.

It covers design tools and frameworks that support effective and efficient R&D implementation with a future focus.

Step 3 – Applied Knowledge and Know-how

This sprint of 5 online sessions (12 hours total) applies the theory and tools to your R&D program and projects.

The interactive and expert mentoring helps you navigate project design and partner engagement for impact.

It includes an assessment component for a micro-credential, which may be accepted as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) towards a qualification.

Note: Learners must complete Step 1 before commencing Step 2 and complete Step 2 before participating in Step 3.

Step 1's Theory & Foundations workshop includes presentations, discussions, experiential exercises, case studies, and digital tools to explore:

  • Introduction to modern innovation theory
  • Principles of R&D Impact
  • Introducing tools for impact, including Impact and Commercial Readiness®
  • Understanding the Next Investor
  • Effective industry engagement (including advisory committees)
  • Assessing and redesigning R&D projects for impact

  • Respond confidently to the pressure to deliver ‘impact’ with a clear understanding of what impact from R&D actually is and how you can maximise it in your investment portfolio
  • Become the valued facilitator of knowledge transfer with your improved capability to coordinate collaborations and communications between researchers, investors and other industry stakeholders, as well as to prepare high quality proposals and clearly articulate project outcomes.
  • Recognise and mitigate risks earlier, with techniques for assessing and optimising project viability, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently, and keeping projects aligned with your stakeholders’ objectives.
  • Reduce time spent in your projects’ governance and contracting phases with frameworks for accelerating informed investment decision-making, so you can focus on generating impact sooner.
  • Prepare practical adoption management and assessment strategies to help your stakeholders gain the best advantage from new initiatives and technologies – demonstrating your capability for taking viable projects from design, through implementation, and towards measurable impact.
  • Take an innovation from idea through implementation to impact, building on what you already know and want to do next.
  • Develop the essential skills and knowledge for navigating the complexities of R&D investment and impact assessment, enhancing your career prospects and the value you bring to every future project.

26 contact hours (total) over 6 weeks.

Step 1 is a full-day in-person workshop.

Step 2 is a full-day in-person workshop.

Step 3 is an online “Community of Practice” sprint for sharing applied learning and insights. Mentoring and assessment are included across the 5 sessions (12 hours total).

For Step 3 you will need to work on your assessment project outside of contact time. The number of hours will depend on the project you choose to have assessed and your personal schedule.

None for the Step 1 workshop.

Learners must complete Step 1 before commencing Step 2, and complete Step 2 before participating in Step 3.

The R&D Impact Essentials Program aligns with:

  • ISO 56002:2019 Innovation Management Standards
  • Australian Skills Classification for ANZSCO 1325
  • Australian Qualifications Framework Level 5
  • Australian Core Skills Framework Level 5

  • Delivered in person and/or online.
  • The program is designed for small-group delivery (up to 18 participants per session).
  • In-house private delivery can be booked for organisations wanting to upskill several employees together.
  • Public delivery is offered at set times and venues throughout the year as advertised on the Impact Innovation website.

Per participant in cross-sector (public) delivery:

Step 1 Theory & Foundations workshop only
$1050 pp

Step 2 Practical Application workshop
$1050 pp

Step 3 Community of Practice online sprint
$1775 pp

Per participant in single sector (private) 2-day delivery:

Step 1 Theory & Foundations workshop + Step 2 Practical Application workshop
$2000 pp

Step 3 Community of Practice online sprint
$1775 pp

* Please note:

Course fees listed do not include GST.

Course fees include delivery and activity materials only.

For in-house/private cohorts, the host client is expected to cover all venue and catering costs as well as the facilitators’ travel and accommodation costs when required (quoted separately).

Upfront payment for all 3 steps is not mandatory. The fee amount for Step 1 can be deducted from the invoice for Step 2 and the fee amount for Step 2 can be deducted from the invoice for Step 3 if the program is undertaken within 12 months of completing Step 1.

Minimum numbers are required to proceed with any of the program steps.


Dr Angus Crossan shares his extensive experience in maximising the value of R&D levy-funded investments and the collaborations that enable researchers to solve real industry challenges. His design-thinking skills and stakeholder consultation expertise, developed while leading R&D programs for the Australian egg industry and Food Innovation Australia, have been instrumental in helping R&D-driven clients (such as Wine Australia, Grains Research Development Corporation and AgriFutures) to optimise numerous joint research ventures and leverage their success to attract further investment.


Lisa Barrios brings to this program her substantial experience in working with various rural research and development corporations (RDCs). In her early career with Meat & Livestock Australia, Lisa’s focus was on-farm and off-farm R&D, live export and integrity systems, working closely with standards and compliance while managing the development of products for end users in the livestock supply chain. She now provides business and operational consulting services to not-for-profit organisations specialising in the agriculture sector.