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Effective Innovation Champions can be the difference between an initiative that creates lasting impact and value for the organisation, and one that quietly fades away leaving nothing to show for months of work and wasted investment.

But what makes an Innovation Champion effective?

We spoke to Innovation Managers across Asia Pacific to uncover their insights into what makes a great Innovation Champion. Many of these innovation professionals have spent years identifying and recruiting Innovation Champions into their teams and projects. They have learned, through trial and error, exactly what to look for.

We are delighted to be able to share these insights with you.

Need to train new Innovation Champions?

Find out more about our practical, outcomes-focusedĀ Innovation Champion Training programs.

Designed for newly appointed Innovation Champions or those tasked with identifying or assessing employee ideas, this workshop will show participants how to identify high-value new ideas, align those ideas with corporate strategy and gain support from stakeholders across the organisation.